Work with the environment, not against it.

Climate Conservation

Edicon Paper Products is built on the premise of nature first. All our policies and company culture revolves around making the world we live in sustainable.

Reduce Wastage

Industries are often blamed for excessive production of waste. At Edicon, our prime objective is to reduce the amount of waste to the maximum level possible.


Recycling as a concept isn’t new to India. It’s just that we have forgotten its advantages. Recycling plays an important role in Edicon’s growth.

Planet Before Profits

Profits shall never be given priority at Edicon Paper Products. Our motto is simple, if the world thrives, we thrive.

Innovation Should Work For The Environment not Against It.




Recycled doesn’t mean inferior quality. Edicon Papers are apt for all FMCG brands.


Safety of the medicines is of top priority and the packaging made from Edicon Papers does just that.


Edicon Paper Products are apt for all kinds of paper packaging. Be it a small package or a large one, we have got you covered.


Printing concerns are often raised in offset printing. Edicon Papers can justify all kinds of printing technologies in the market.

A Plant With a Difference.

At Edicon Paper Products, saving the environment is always our priority.

◎    Gujarat’s second largest paper mill
◎    400 tonnes per day production capacity
◎    18 lacs litre of water recycled daily
◎    30% of the factory land allocated to trees

Recycling =
better future

Although we all work for a better future, many-a-times, we forget that a better future depends upon what we practice today. At Edicon, letting nature thrive is our motto. Recycling is the best way to let mother nature thrive.

Recycled paper production results into


A dip in greenhouse gases


Saves energy usage


Less water wastage